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The rapid Industrialization of the country needs more skilled man-power and the requirement of the such man-power has been increased manifolds in order to meet with this increased demand of the industry and to provide extensive employment to the youth by training them in various engineering & non-engineering trades. In the highly competitive age of today, the vast application of engineering and technology across all sector of society has become highly indispensable which hold premises for us to move fast, ahead in 21st century.

Competitiveness often depends on how our technical education institutions are able to respond to the need of industry. We have no dearth of talent or lack of competence in our country. Our engineering institutes need to prove the world at large that the Indian technicians are globally competitive. Industrial Training Institutes of Department of Technical Education & Industrial Training has assumed the key role in this scenario. Thus we have to train the human resources with required skill in engineering & non-engineering trades and their applications. Professionals trained at our institute have excelled in industry.

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Vijay Shankar Karad,
Sheetal Vijay Karad,
Pooja Telore,
Office Administrator
Deepak Karad
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Acharya Sir,
Bhujbal Sir,
Faculty Member
Akshata Karad,
Computer Operator
Monali Madam,
Computer Instructor
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Arpita Karad,
Computer Operator
Suraj Karad,